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TOKYO, June 5: Pop-culture powerhouse Japan wants to expand its overseas market for video games, manga and anime fourfold to $130 billion in about a decade, the government has said.

CHENGDU, 2 Mei: China mengesahkan tempat ke peringkat separuh akhir Piala Uber 2024, berdepan Jepun di Pusat Sukan Chengdu High-Tech Zone, di sini esok.

TOKYO, April 26: The Japanese central bank on Friday maintained its policy rate unchanged after wrapping up its two-day policy meeting, which sent the Japanese...

TOKYO, Apr 4: Sailor Moon, a renowned girls-oriented manga, is preparing for the grand reopening of its exclusive Sailor Moon Store, located in Japan’s renowned Harajuku shopping district.

TOKYO, 15 Feb: Once forecast to become the world’s biggest economy, Japan slipped below Germany last year to fourth place, official data showed Thursday, although India is projected to leapfrog both later this decade.

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