STUDIO 3": A Harmonious Confluence of Sarawakian Sounds
"STUDIO 3" is a vibrant musical program uniting Malaysian artists, Sarawakian talents, and a skilled ensemble, seamlessly blending traditional instruments with contemporary beats. Also, this captivating 15-minute series premieres on Channel 122, Astro, MYTV, and UnifiTV, starting December 17, 2023, every Sunday at 7:30 PM.

Showcasing Sarawakian Talent: A TVS Initiative
At its core, "STUDIO 3" represents TVS's commitment to providing a stage for Sarawak's artistic talents. Additionally, it serves as a crucial platform, inviting both local and national audiences to immerse themselves in the diverse musical landscape that defines the region.
Dato Awie and Sarawak's Finest: A Unique Ensemble
In fact this program pledges an exceptional musical experience by showcasing Dato Awie and local talents—Carrie Geres, Hairee Francis, and Faris Malik. Furthermore, they skillfully blend traditional roots with contemporary flair, transcending musical boundaries.

Cultural Fusion on Display: Traditional Instruments Meet Modern Arrangements
Each meticulously curated episode aims to highlight the symbiotic relationship between the featured artists, showcasing their unique styles and influences. Furthermore, blending traditional Sarawakian instruments with modern arrangements enriches cultural appreciation, showcasing the region's artistic diversity.

Reaching Audiences Nationwide: Airing on Premier Platforms
By gracing major television platforms such as Astro, MYTV, and UnifiTV, "STUDIO 3" endeavors to reach a broad audience. The program seeks to not only entertain but also to educate, providing a window into the rich cultural tapestry of Sarawak through its musical expressions.
A Celebration of Sarawakian Identity: Pride in Artistic Diversity
In essence, "STUDIO 3" is more than a musical journey; it stands as a commendable effort to promote and celebrate the unique talents emanating from Sarawak. It is a celebration of diversity, talent, and the harmonious convergence of traditional and contemporary musical elements, contributing to the cultural richness of Malaysia.

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