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Deputy Premier of Sarawak, Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas presenting a memento to Sarawak Commissioner Police, Dato Mancha Ata at his office here, today. Photo MIPD Media

Victims of scams are akin to prey of deadly ‘Remaong’ – Uggah

ByLorenzo Isaac Ak Anthony

KUCHING, Mar 18: Those who fall prey to online scams are akin to the victims of the mystical tiger ‘Remaong’ of Iban legend, said Deputy Sarawak Premier Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas.

According to the legend, the ‘Remaong’, in seeking his victims, would bait them with fruits or other jungle foods called ‘Taju’.

Uggah likened the legend to victims of online scam calls to convey his worries over the growing number of scam victims in the state.

“Whoever picks them up or eats (the ‘Taju’), he or she is doomed. The tiger will come for him or her, and death is inevitable.

“The online scam call is the same. The baits are promises of big monetary rewards, but in the end, the victim will lose everything,” he said this after receiving a courtesy call from the state Police Commissioner Datuk Mancha Ata at his office at Wisma Bapa Malaysia here today.

Thus, he reminded the people to not fall easily to the promises of great rewards made in any such calls, so as to avoid falling victim to the ‘Remaong.’

Meanwhile during the visit, Mancha, accompanied by five senior officers, briefed Uggah on the latest security and crime situations in the state.

Uggah commended the police for their commitment, loyalty, and sacrifices in keeping the safety and security of Sarawakians.

“The tasks and responsibilities are very challenging given its sheer size and the vast land or sea borders.

“But you all have been doing very good jobs,” he added.

Later, Uggah also received a courtesy call from the newly appointed Director of the Sarawak Regional Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fenny Anak Nuli.

Hailing from Sri Aman, she was formerly the Malaysian Ambassador to Peru.-TVS

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