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Senate president

KUCHING, May 13: The United States Ambassador to Malaysia Edgard D. Kagan described the recent passing of Senate President Datuk Mutang Tagal as a great loss not only to Sarawak, but to the country as a whole.

KUCHING, May 10: The late Senate President, Datuk Mutang Tagal was a trailblazer and a notable icon for his community in his role, said Deputy Prime Minister Dato Sri Fadillah Yusof.

KUCHING, May 10: All members of the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly (DUN) took a moment of silence to reflect and pray — according to their respective religions — on the passing of the late Senate President, Datuk Mutang Tagal.

PETALING JAYA, May 10: Senate president Datuk Mutang Tagal, 69, has passed away at the National Heart Institute (IJN) on Friday, May 10.

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