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Sarawakian content creator, Thorusss, shines in his Gawai short film debut!

ByAyson Aquino

Locally produced Gawai short film “Homecoming” premieres today at 8pm!

The grass is greener on the other side, but who will water the flowers at home?

Featuring local talents Thorusss and WBC Asia Champion Kilat Boy, this emotionally charged story on family, perseverance, and redemption is set to keep you entertained this Gawai season.


Amirul Hafiz, popularly known as Thorusss on TikTok, takes on his first ever acting role!

The content creator turned lead actor plays Joshua, a young Dayak boxer who moves from Sarawak to Kuala Lumpur to pursue his dream in the world of boxing, despite facing obstacles from his father, Baha.


On deciding to play the character of Joshua, Amirul mentioned wanting to seize an opportunity that might not come by again:

“When would I ever have the chance to act in a short film?”


Photo: TVS

Joining hands with the creative mind of Raziq Sulaiman, the director and scriptwriter of “Homecoming”, Amirul’s vision was brought to life by Raziq’s screenplay.

But filming was not as easy as expected.

The script was in Iban, but Amirul himself wasn’t a native Iban speaker:


It was hard. Can you imagine a non-Iban speaker speaking Iban?


Photo: TVS

From struggling to remember the script and learning how to convey his character in another language, Amirul had it tough in his first ever acting role.

But it wasn’t just a creative transformation.

The content creator famous for his comedic skits and relatable commentary, had to look the part of a boxer as well:

“Physically, I had to get in shape. From boxing training four times a week to cutting sugar out of my diet, it was a difficult process.”


Photo: TVS

Driven by co-actors like WBC Asia Champion Daeloniel “Kilat Boy” McDelon ringside, Amirul was pushed to put in his all:


When you have someone like Kilat Boy on set, I really needed to make sure I looked and acted the part of a boxer. 


Photo: TVS

Featuring the talents of Apai Bruce as Baha, Patricia Judin as Joshua’s Mom, Dylan Melintan as Roy, and Kilat Boy as himself.

In this story of heart and family, tune in to witness the courage of Gawai!


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